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Oklahoma State University

Rural Medical Education

Notice: Our website is currently under construction.  If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact us at 918-584-4332.

Rural primary care physicians are in big demand and the shortage is only expected to increase. The Center for Rural Health plays a large role in selecting, training, and placing students in rural areas of Oklahoma.  From the 3 + 1 Program to the Rural Medical Track, the Center for Rural Health works with medical students across the state to increase awareness, dispel rural myths, provide rural experiences, train rural physicians and create leaders for Oklahoma’s communities in need.

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Duane Koehler, D.O.
Course Coordinator  

Vicky Pace, M.ED. 
Director of Rural Medical Education 

Nicole Neilson, M.S.
Rural Medical Education Manager 
Oklahoma City Coordinator 

Xan Bryant, M.B.A.
Northeast Coordinator 

Brenda Brantly
Southwest Coordinator

Alex Jones, M.S. 
Northcentral Coordinator

Lori Boyd
Southeast Coordinator