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Oklahoma State University

OSU Center for Health Sciences Bookstore

Welcome to the OSU-CHS Bookstore! The Bookstore is a primary campus resources for texsaletbooks, scrubs, white coats and other supplies.

The Bookstore is currently being renovated to better serve our faculty, staff and students. A new Bookstore is opening soon on the second floor of Felmlee across from Student Affairs.  

All items in the Bookstore located in Founders Hall will be 75 percent off starting on Monday, July 16. 



Online Order Forms

Use one the following forms to order clinic scrubs or lab coats.

 Clinic Scrubs ›   Student Lab Coat ›  Faculty Lab Coat ›



Students can order their textbooks through ›

the market

The Market

The Market is a new area where students, faculty and staff can grab a quick snack or drink. The Market is located on the second floor of Felmlee Building across from Student Affairs. Items can be purchased with a debit card, credit card or Imperial Market Account.