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Oklahoma State University

Office of Rural Health



The OSU Office of Rural Health was established in 1991, as part of a federal mandate, to coordinate, plan and promote quality health care for underserved rural Oklahomans. The Office of Rural Health works with rural communities to help ensure their health care infrastructure is economically viable and to broaden and improve the access and quality of health care services. The Office of Rural Health offers a broad array of services that support this effort in three ways:

  • Stabilizing rural hospital finances
  • Increasing access to quality health care
  • Educating the public and policy makers about the importance and unique nature of rural health

The Office of Rural Health operates on three federal grants to meet the needs of small rural hospitals in Oklahoma.

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Corie Kaiser, M.S. 

Lara Brooks, M.S.
Rural Health Analyst

Pete Walton, M.S.
Program Evaluator