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Oklahoma State University

Biomedical Sciences Admissions

View application information and requirements by program.

Graduate Programs Admissions

Applicants must submit all application materials online through the OSU Graduate College.

Dual Degree Program Admissions

Dual degree program applicants must be admitted to the D.O program in the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine and admitted to the School of Biomedical Sciences. For specific application requirements, please see the dual degree program pages.

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Application Review Process

The application review process described below is used to evaluate all applications to the graduate program. 

  • For applicants to the D.O./M.S. and D.O./Ph.D. program, the D.O. portion of the application is evaluated by the Student Selection Committee of OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, which has an application review process as well (not described below).       
  • The Coordinator of Graduate Admissions forwards all applications to the Director of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, who then forwards the applications to the Chairman of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Committee (BSGC). 
  • The Chairman distributes copies of each application to the members of the BSGC, who represent the Departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology and Pharmacology and Physiology.
  • The departmental representative, who acts on the behalf of the discipline that the applicant has expressed an interest in, will inform faculty within that discipline of the application.  Discipline faculty will then have an opportunity to review the application and will inform the departmental representative of any concerns.  These concerns are then relayed to the BSGC by the departmental representative.
  • The BSGC will formally review the application in a regular or special meeting and vote to accept or reject the application for admission into the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. The Director will inform the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies of the status of applications to the Biomedical Sciences Graduate program.
  • Applicants accepted into the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program will receive an acceptance letter from the Coordinator of Graduate Admissions signed by the Dean of the Graduate College and the President of OSU-CHS.


Aaron Christensen 
Director, Graduate Programs