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Oklahoma State University

Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

Advances made in recent years by biomedical scientists have greatly expanded our understanding of disease mechanisms, creating a demand for well-trained professionals with a breadth of knowledge about human diseases as well as in-depth research training under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences offers students a broad foundation of interdisciplinary training in the areas of anatomy and cell biology, biochemistry and microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology.

In addition to conventional biomedical sciences, we offer an Anatomy and Vertebrate Paleontology track.


Learn more about admission requirements or apply now

  • Applications for the Ph.D. program are due January 15.
  • Applications for the master's program are due May 31. Applications for the master's program will be review and accepted beginning March 1. Limited spots are available. 

Career Outlook

Graduates have a wide range of career opportunities including:

  • Biomedical education in universities, colleges and medical schools
  • Biomedical research in university, private and government laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology

Research and Discovery