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Oklahoma State University


The Master of Science in Health Care Administration degree requires 32 graduate credit hours which includes a thesis or creative component project. 

Core Courses

Number Credits Course Name
HCA 5013 3 Survey of Health Care Administration
HCA 5093 3 Leadership Methods and Styles in Health Care 
HCA 5123 3 Research and Evaluation Methods in Health Care
HCA 5033  3 Legal Issues in Health Care 

Elective Courses

Number Credits Course Name
HCA 5163 3 Health Care Accounting and Auditing*
HCA 5113  3 Entrepreneurship and the Health Sciences*
HCA 5043 3 Organizational Leadership in Healthcare*
HCA 5023 3 Human Resources in Healthcare and Public Administration*
HCA 5103 3 Intro to Global Health 
HCA 5063  3 Health Care Compliance 
HCA 5083 3 Financial Structures in Health Care Organizations 
HCA 5990 3 HCA Practicum
HCA 5223 3 Ethics in Health Care
HCA 5173 3 Emerging Global Infectious Diseases
HCA 5143 3 Relief Development in Global Health
HCA 5153 3 International Health Systems
HCA 5013 3 Advanced Cases in Health Care Finance
HCA 5233 3 Advanced Leadership Methods and Styles in Health Care
HCA 5133 3  Health Care Informatics
HCA 5263 3 Patient Safety, Quality Measurement and Improvement

Other Management, MBA, Operations or Marketing courses may be utilized with advisor approval.

Thesis Option

A research thesis is required for students pursuing a thesis option M.S. degree. The format of the thesis should adhere to the Graduate College Style Manual, available online at

Creative Component

The creative component option is fulfilled by enrolling in HCA 5052 Directed Readings. If the thesis option isn’t chosen, the creative component option must be chosen.

HCA Option

There are two options HCA students can choose, Administration or Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
The Leadership and Entrepreneurship option is geared toward high-level executive leadership. HCA 5113 is a required course for this option. Student must complete the 4 required courses for the program as well as 5113. The classes with (*) are courses suggested for this option.

The Administrative option is geared toward students who have goals towards working in the Healthcare industry. The required courses for this option are the 4 required courses for the HCA program.

For full course descriptions, view the OSU Academic Catalog