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Oklahoma State University

Global Health Program

Global Health Track Locations
The Master of Science in Global Health is comprised of 32 credit hours made up of 11 individual courses.  Given the specialized nature of this discipline, the curriculum is prescriptive in order to provide the student with adequate preparation to enter either a governmental, non-profit or academic career setting. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the chronic, emerging and re-emerging global health issues and examines possible measures to address them.
  • Study and distinguish among the roles and interaction of intergovernmental and governmental agencies and NGOs involved in global health.
  • Comprehend the differences in global health care systems using a historical and socio-political context making extensive use of country case studies.
  • Develop a realistic approach to addressing emerging global infectious diseases, emphasizing global health implications in the areas of prevention, surveillance, and control.
  • Examine environmental health concerns in the context of public health, and the social, economic and other factors that mitigate the effects of environmental hazards or otherwise influence the population.
  • Address important thematic areas such as types, phases and effects of disasters on health, public health and medical responses of infectious diseases and pandemics.
  • Understand specific global demographic patterns that determine health status and outcomes.
  • Comprehend specific research methodologies for the purposes of undertaking global health research as well as evaluating existing research in the discipline.
  • Development of research models for addressing global health issues.


Example of two-year curriculum in Health Care Administration option:


  • HCA 5103
    Introduction to Global Health
  • HCA 5143
    Relief and Development in Global Health


  • HCA 5273
    Understanding Global Burden of Disease
  • HCA 5052
    Seminar in Global Health


  • HCA 5153
    International Health Systems
  • HCA 5173
    Emerging Global Infectious Diseases


  • HCA 5030
    Problems and Issues in Global Health
  • HCA 5153
    International Health Systems
  • HCA 5052
    Directed Readings in Health Care


  • HCA 5183
    Global Environment and Occupational Health
  • HCA 5193
    Health Aspects of Disasters