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Oklahoma State University

OSU Center for Health Sciences and OSU Medicine Help Desk

Beginning Monday, June 11, 2018, our Helpdesk operations will be moving to the CHS main campus. In an effort to enhance our responsiveness to requests or issues you report and at the same time, improve customer satisfaction, we are in the process of moving many IT staff members as well. This updated Helpdesk will launch a new Helpdesk number, a Helpdesk email account and new Helpdesk hours.

This change is one of several efforts our department is working on to allow us to continuously implement new technologies, maintain a secure and reliable network and improve your satisfaction. Please be sure to reach us at our new contacts to ensure we can provide you with the most efficient response to your requests.

How To Get Help

  • Call 918-561-1800 to reach the IT Helpdesk for assistance with computer, network, printer or telephone issues.
  • You can also email for IT assistance.
  • Call 918-561-1800 (918-594-8200 is not preferred but is still monitored) or email for facilities and housekeeping requests. These requests are handled by OSU in Tulsa Facilities Management, which serves both OSU-Tulsa and OSU Center for Health Sciences.
  • Calling or emailing the old Tulsa Help Desk contacts will lead to delays in getting the right staff to help you, but be assured that those numbers and addresses will be monitored.

Student Resources

Faculty/Staff Resources