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Oklahoma State University

Careers in Forensic Sciences

Backlogs of unsolved criminal cases, expectations for high standards and quality control, and the need for accurate and reliable research point to a demand for a highly educated workforce in the coming 5-10 years. Forensic scientists work in crime and medical examiner labs and well as in government agencies and universities. 

Jobs of recent graduates

  • Criminalist
  • Forensic document examiner
  • Research analyst or technician
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Special investigator
  • University instructor

Graduate outcomes*

  • 94 percent report having either related career positions or entered an advanced degree program
  • 37 percent obtained new career-related employment
  • 36 percent continued in related career positions 
  • 12 percent entered a doctoral programs 

*Reported within three months of graduation over the past five year (2012-2017)

Anyone considering a career in the forensic sciences should be aware of specific academic requirements by employers and requirements for background checks. Find additional information below.