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Oklahoma State University

Pediatrics Residency Program

Program Director Welcome

Welcome to the Oklahoma State University family, home of the Pediatric Medicine Residency! We hope you find our website full of specific information about our residents, faculty, alumni and staff. All of the information about our curriculum, salary, benefits and training facilities can be found throughout this website. My hope is that you not only find the information needed but that you are able to see what makes our training environment at OSU such a wonderful place as you accomplish your goals and dreams of becoming a pediatric physician!

Our academic sponsorship by Oklahoma State University, combined with our status as one of the largest training hospitals in the United States, means that our residents get the “best of both worlds.”  Our diverse and extremely talented faculty wear many hats: they teach at state and national meetings, are recognized leaders in the community and are passionate advocates for whole-person-based primary care.  All of our residents learn full-spectrum pediatric medicine, which includes maternity care training, community medicine, and tremendous experience in pediatric medicine-based clinical care. At the same time, our Oklahoma State University connection gives our residents access to significant academic resources and medical student teaching opportunities right here in Tulsa, a haven of Southern comfort and cosmopolitan style in the expansive Oklahoma plains.

We recognize that there are a multitude of excellent pediatric medicine training options in the country.  Why choose us?  One simple answer – the people. We are passionate about what we do and whom we serve.  When we ask residents, faculty, and staff what they most like about our residency program, the answer is universally “the people” and the sense of belonging to a learning community that feels like a family.  We want to continue to attract people who share our dedication to serving those who need it the most.  If you are committed to caring for the underserved and seek training in an academically rigorous yet “hands-on” learning environment, please be sure to contact us.  We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with you. 


Shawna Duncan, D.O.

Program Description

The OSU Pediatric Residency is a three-year program is designed to qualify the resident to sit for the board examination in osteopathic pediatrics. Completion of this program will allow those interested in a fellowship to continue with further training. All areas of pediatrics including general, cardiology, neurology, neonatology, gastroenterology, among others, are included in the curriculum. 

Our residents work together to:

  • Provide care in a cooperative, efficient manner, providing call coverage and patient care for a busy pediatric floor and newborn nursery.
  • Manage from admission to discharge pediatric patients in the medical, surgical, nursery, and emergency room areas.
  • Critically evaluate and explore current medical literature.
  • Teach medical students and interns advanced medical principles both at the bedside and in the classroom.
  • Multiple opportunities for clinical research in hospital and ambulatory care settings.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the management of patients in the ambulatory setting.