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What if my child’s daycare or school is closed? 

You will be able to use sick leave for time you need to stay home due to this reason. OSU will allow employees that don’t have enough sick leave to go into a negative sick leave balance and continue to be paid up to 15 business days. More details to come regarding this.  


What if I am at a higher risk of getting COVID-19? 

Anyone who is older or has a serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or lung disease should work with HR to discuss options and ensure that their head/supervisor has taken into account their vulnerability.  


Will I still get paid? 

Yes. Human Resources will process payroll even if the campus closes. We may have to estimate time in the future. We are reviewing plans for continuity of pay for those that are not permanent employees such as students and temporary workers. Different leave scenarios are being reviewed as well, so please watch for updates on how to address time and leave. 


Do I still enter my time on my Banner Timesheet? 

Yes, if you are biweekly please continue to clock in and out if you are working – even if you are working remotely. If the University closes, HR will enter time as necessary. Biweekly time is due as normal. Employees must enter time and managers must approve time.  


Can I work from home? 

Work from home requests are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please visit with your supervisor for guidance. If you are in a position that is eligible to do this, you will need to complete the temporary telecommuting agreement. 


Who can I call if I am stressed by all of the coronavirus concerns? 

You can call the OSU Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is Guidance Resources or ComPsych. Online at with company ID: OKSTATEEAP or call 1-855-850-2397. 


Do I need a doctor’s note to return to work? 

A “doctor’s note” or documentation of dependent care responsibilities will not be required from employees when using sick leave, except in rare cases where abuse of sick leave is suspected or the employee has received counseling about their use of leave. It is assumed OSU employees are honest and trustworthy in their dealings with each other and the University. 


Will annual performance reviews still open on April 2 and be due on June 10? 

Annual reviews will be postponed until further notice. We will not launch/open them on April 2 and we will wait until we get closer to June to decide when they will be due. 


Can I still hire new employees? 

Yes, if it is an essential position (mainly Facilities, Police/Security, and clinic related positions). Work with your HR Consultant for onboarding procedures. If it is not an essential position, please consider putting open positions on hold for the time being. It is difficult to start a new employee and not have any personnel working in the office to train/orient them to OSU. All interviews must now be conducted over the phone or virtually until further notice. 


Can I still contact Tulsa Human Resources? 

Yes, our staff will be answering emails and phone calls to or 918-594-8221 during open and closed campus times.  


Where do I find benefits information? 

You can also login to your personal benefits information at and click on Employee Self Service or Benefits: Enroll, Verify, Qual Event. 


How do I change my Direct Deposit? 

Login to and click on Direct Deposit Change Form and follow the instructions. 


Can I bring my children to work? 

In this time of taking extra precautions to prevent cases of COVID-19 please do not bring your children to work.  


Will HR Training and Professional Development classes be rescheduled? 

Yes, as things get back to normal interactions, we will reschedule our HR training classes such as Diversity, Customer Service, Performance Review 101, Conversational Spanish, etc. You may continue online learning through our web-based learning management system at 


Telecommuting Resources: - Managing Remotely – Managing Remotely   - Managing Remotely - Effective Leadership in a Virtual Workforce 


Telecommuting Tips: 

Managers should have employees email you daily with their list of items worked on. 

Managers should have at least one voice/phone conversation or virtual meeting with each employee each week. 

Think about work projects that you have been putting off for a while and haven’t had time to complete. 

Forward the office phones. Decide who will answer “main” department numbers and department email accounts. 

Employees need to record annual or sick time as appropriate if telecommuting and not working for a period. 


OSU Telecommuting Procedures/Form: 


Interviewing Virtually Resources: