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Oklahoma State University

TeleED - Educational Development - For School Administrators and Educators

TeleEd ECHOThe TeleED ECHO is a partnership of OSU Center for Health Sciences Project ECHO and OSU-Tulsa. Provides opportunities for superintendents, principals and others in position of leadership, especially for schools in rural areas of the state, to share best practices, receive ongoing and timely professional development and collaborate to help resolve complex issues and questions regarding Oklahoma schools and its students.

Why TeleED ECHO?

  • Nationally, professional development for rural educators is hampered due to limited resources, budgetary constraints and geographic isolation.
  • About 94 percent of Oklahoma schools are considered rural or town school districts.
  • Oklahoma rural schools offer fewer professional development opportunities than their non-rural counterparts.

This ECHO is on summer break and will resume Fall 2020. Register to receive the meeting details and zoom link.
A one-time registration is required.

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  • Use of technology to leverage scarce resources statewide
  • Collaboration among superintendents, educators, university professors, school psychologists and others
  • Increased ability to implement best practices in school districts across the state
  • Real-time review of cases submitted by participants
  • Best practices gained through case-based learning
  • Opportunity to attend training sessions from any location by using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Continuing support for advocacy and outreach programming in local communities
  • Free CEU for professional development

Ed Harris, Ph.D., Professor and Williams Chair of Educational Leadership, Administrator for the Brock International Prize in Education

Kathy Curry, Ed.D, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Don Raleigh, Ed.D, Superintendent of Pryor Public Schools

April Grace, Ed.D, Superintendent of Shawnee Public Schools

Sara Rich, Ph.D, Clinical Assistant Professor, Certified School Psychologist

Jackie Mania-Singer, Ed.D, Assistant Professor of School Administration

Andrea Castañeda, Chief Innovation Officer, Tulsa Public Schools Design Lab and Innovation

Jessica L. Tucker,  
Clinic Coordinator, Project ECHO