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Oklahoma State University

Alzheimer's ECHO

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Launching August 22nd, 2019

Get expert Alzheimer’s Dementia knowledge in a virtual learning network with our collaborative partnership with the American Alzheimer’s Association specialty ECHO team.  The curriculum is designed to expand expertise in the recognition and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease in the primary care setting.

Learn about best practices and evidence-based care for patients living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

ECHO Hub at the Alzheimer’s Association will re-start on August 22nd, 2019.

  • 60-minute sessions every other week, for 12 sessions over 6 months
  • Schedule – meets every other Thursday, 12-1:00 pm Central Time
  • Alzheimer’s ECHO – Primary Care Series team
    • Dr. Eric Tangalos – Mayo Clinic – Internist/Geriatrician
    • Dr. Jared Brosch – Indiana University School of Medicine – Neurologist
  • Darby Morhardt, PhD, LCSW, Social Work, Northwestern University
  • Glenn Smith, PhD, Neuropschology, University of Florida
  • Caregiver, Early Stage Advisory Group 
  • Person living with Alzheimer's Disease, Early Stage Advisory Group

We are Looking for Primary Care Practice Teams that . . .

  • Are willing to participate as a team, including a physician lead (MD/DO, NP, PA plus at least one other member of the care team)
  • Are part of a network in their state (ideally 3 or 4 practices within the same medical neighborhood or network)
  • Are interested in learning about and increasing their capability to detect and manage patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
  • Have sufficient numbers of older patients, so that they can and are willing to submit cases for review.
  • Are willing to commit to participating in 12 sessions and in brief evaluation activities


Every other Thursday, 12-1:00 pm Central Time. To Join this ECHO session registration is a one-time requirement, once registered you will receive the zoom meeting link.

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Topics for case-based learning and discussion include:

  • Scope of the problem 5.7 Million in USA living with Alzheimer’s
  • Learn to diagnosis types of dementia
  • Specialty testing and evaluations
  • Routing and advanced care planning
  • Behavioral symptoms and medication management
  • Coordinated care and transitions of care for the healthcare team

Dr. Eric Tangalos
Mayo Clinic – Internist/Geriatrician

Dr. Jared Brosch 
Indiana University School of Medicine - Neurologist