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Oklahoma State University

D.O. Program Record Requests

Current students and alumni can use this form to request official student records including letters of recommendation, dean's letter, transcripts, diploma, GPA, class rank, letter of good standing, proof of enrollment and NBOME.

Download student record request form (pdf)

Record requests can be faxed to the Office of Student Affairs at 918-561-8243 or emailed as a PDF attachment to

Please sign your request authorizing the release of your academic records.

If emailing the form to our office, a PDF or scanned copy is required.  We cannot accept a photo (jpeg file) of the form. 

If you don't have access to the student record request form, you can write and submit your request on blank paper. A written signature is required to fulfill records request. 

Copies of any transcripts or application materials submitted for your admission to the OSU Center for Health Sciences cannot be furnished.

Transcript Charge

The OSU Center for Health Sciences does not charge for a transcript.

Electronic Record Requests (Current Medical Students Only)

Medical students may request transcripts and enrollment certifications online. Class rank (3rd and 4th years only) and good standing can be added to enrollment certifications if needed. Please visit and make sure that your campus is OSU-CHS via the drop down box at the top right of the page. Once you have logged in and verified the correct campus, you can visit the self-service portal to make your request. You can also view your enrollment and unofficial transcript in the portal.

Letters of Good Standing for 3rd and 4th Year Medical Students

Third- and fourth-year medical students should request letters of good standing from the Office of Clinical Education.  All elective rotation forms to be approved by the Dean should also be completed in Clinical Education. 

Degree Verification

The Office of the Registrar can only verify the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Biomedical Sciences or Forensic Sciences degrees.  All other degrees must be verified through OSU in Stillwater

Internship and Residency Verification

Internships, residencies and all other post-graduate training must be verified through our Office of Graduate Medical Education at 918-599-5920.

Licensure Documents

Licensure documents requesting verification of the D.O. degree can be faxed to 918-561-8243 or mailed to the Office of the Registrar at 1111 W 17th St, Tulsa OK, 74107. 

Requests must include written authorization from the physician. Phone verifications can be directed to 918-561-8469.  We can verify degree and dates of attendance as long as the there are no requests to withhold information in the educational record.