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Oklahoma State University

Policies and Procedures

Current OSU CHS Institutional Policies found hereUse your O-KEY login to access.


The OSU CHS Policy Committee (PC) is a standing committee authorized by the OSU CHS Executive Committee to review all university-wide policies that require approval at the executive level. The PC works in partnership with individuals from campus units who are developing university-wide policy to ensure that proposed policies are needed and are aligned with institutional mission, goals, and priorities. The committee reviews policy drafts to ensure that they are concise, consistent in format and scope, and accessible.

Resources for Developing Policy

The Policy Committee provides direction to those who wish to develop university-wide policies that require the signature of the President. The documents below are listed in the order recommended for use by policy writers as they proceed through the process of drafting a policy.

Resources for Revising Policy

The Policy Committee has a documented policy and procedure for handling updated and proposed polices. Questions can be directed to the Policy Committee Chair.

Related Codes, Policies, and Handbooks

Listed below are governing documents, such as codes, handbooks, and laws that apply to OSU CHS faculty, staff, and students. These documents serve as important reference materials in the policy development process.

Listed below are links to the websites of several OSU CHS administrative areas responsible for numerous important campus policies. However, other important department and unit policies exist and can be located by contacting the individual units or by visiting their websites. The list below is not intended to represent all administrative sources of OSU CHS policies.

            *Contact the Policy Committee Chair to add additional policy links to this list