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Oklahoma State University

Person of Concern Reporting

If you need to report an emergency, do not use this form. Instead, call the OSU Security Department at (918) 625-8532, or dial 911 if you are off campus.

Please provide detailed information regarding the incident you are reporting.

Reporting Options:

  • General Incident report for concerns or actions that are experienced or observed and present a danger to an individual or the OSU Center for Health Sciences community.
  • Wellness Support Team for concerns or actions that are experienced or observed and are worrisome but do not present an immediate danger to self or others.

Once a report has been received, the Wellness Support Team will meet with the person(s) to address the reported concern or alleged misconduct. Please know that you and any witnesses you identify in the report may be contacted by a team member for further information. Actions taken as a result of this report may be protected by the federal privacy law FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), and therefore, become confidential information and may not be shared with you without the direct written consent of the student(s) involved.

If you have any questions regarding filing a Person of Concern Report, please contact the