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Oklahoma State University

OSU-CHS Behavioral Health Resources

The Department of Wellness provides preventative health programs and services to students by providing a wide spectrum of services ranging from system-wide initiatives to individual chats about personal wellness.

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Department of Wellness Contacts

Jesse Chaffin, MPH

Kelly Dunn, MD

Alanna Harris, CPT

OSU CHS Counseling Services

One-on-one confidential counseling sessions located on campus for students. Appointments made at 918-594-8474.

Call SAM / 855-225-2SAM (2726)

Call SAM (Student Assistance by Mercy) has licensed counselors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to crises, and provide referrals and consultations.

Guidance Resources / 866-519-8354

Guidance Resources offers solutions to work life integration, 24/7 phone counseling, and access to 10 FREE (students) in person counseling sessions in your area. / Student Web ID: OKSTATESAP"

Wellness Wednesday Series

Each semester, the Department of Wellness hosts quarterly educational sessions on building resilience.

Additional Resources

OSU-Tulsa Counseling Center

Main Hall 2419 / 918-594-8568
The OSU Tulsa Counseling Center is available to see students for 5 free
sessions. Additional sessions are $10 per session.

COPES / 918-744-4800

Community Outreach Psychiatric Emergency Services is a confidential and free
crisis intervention program for people in the Tulsa County area.

Safety Escort Program / 918-625-8592

Officers are campus and available 24/7 to escort students to their vehicle or to
another campus location.

Title IX / 918-594-8105

All forms of sexual harassment including sexual violence should be reported,
no matter the severity.

Victim Advocate / 918-200-5218

A confidential way to report forms of sexual harassment including sexual
violence and to receive resources that are available. The Victim Advocate will
have to report the incident, without identifiable information.

Campus Security

Security Officers are on site 24/7 for your safety.

Additional Contacts

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline / 800-273-8255
  • Narcotics Anonymous / 918-747-0017
  • Mental Health Association / 918-585-1213
  • Alcoholics Anonymous / 918-627-2224
  • Sexual Violence Crisis Line / 918-743-5763
  • Oklahoma Mental Health & Substance Abuse Crisis Line / 800-566-1343