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Oklahoma State University

Patient Care


An Enduring Recovery for All 

The National Center for Wellness & Recovery is working collaboratively with primary care physicians and specialists in psychiatry, behavioral health, and addiction medicine to provide the best treatment options and care for patients. We strive to help those overcome addiction by catalyzing healing and transformation through innovative and multidimensional evidence-based practices. 

OSU Addiction Medicine Specialty Clinic

For more information, please call 918-561-1890. 

Our Services 

No single factor determines whether a person will become addicted to substances. Our clinic provides respectful, comprehensive outpatient care through evidence-based approaches. We provide care for those wanting to change their relationship with substances including, but not limited to: alcohol, opioids, cannabis, and nicotine. Recovery is possible and it is our goal to help each patient along that journey.

Our team of addiction specialists provide medication assisted treatment (MAT), which is the evidence-based approach of using medications in combination with counseling or behavioral therapies to treat substance use disorders. Prescribed medications normalize brain chemistry, relieve withdrawal symptoms, and ease cravings.

We partner with Tulsa-based nonprofit 12&12 Inc. for counseling services and coordinated care, as we focus on providing medication treatment and patient support. As with the treatment of other chronic diseases, treatment for addiction is patient specific and created with input from the patient and our team of clinicians.

Member, Hazelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network

As a member of the Hazeldon Betty Ford Patient Care Network, our clinicians have access to the latest resources, research and tools, ensuring that OSU Medicine patients will benefit from the most current evidence-based best practices and effective treatment protocols.

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Addiction Medicine Project ECHO

Project ECHO provides weekly video conference clinics where experts work with providers throughout Oklahoma to provide best practices for treating patients struggling with addiction.

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OSU Pain Management Clinic

OSU Pain Management Clinic will provide pharmalogical, physical, interventional and psychological treatments for emotional, physical and mental pain. Additional Information coming soon.