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Oklahoma State University

Drink Less. Live More.




"I used to drink heavily, almost daily, to escape a job I hated. I was working too much and drinking was how I relaxed. When I changed jobs, I realized how important it is to have other ways to destress that did not involve drinking. I am feeling and sleeping better by drinking less. I have other ways to deal with life’s pressures that aren’t so hard on my body."
- Trey, 35
“I’m drinking less to take better care of myself, and hopefully to improve my health."
- Richard, 47
“I realized that when I go out drinking with my friends, I spend a lot of money and only end up feeling awful the next day. Just cutting back on drinks saves me money, and I have more energy at work the next day."
- Jon, 27


Having a hard time drinking less?


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Funding provided by Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.