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Oklahoma State University

About the National Center for Wellness & Recovery


Our mission is to inspire hope and to develop innovative, science-driven treatment interventions to improve the lives of those afflicted by pain and substance use disorders.


Our vision is to eliminate addiction through research and excellence in patient care.

Strategic Goals

  • Establish evidence-based practices to treating pain, addiction, and other behavioral health challenges
  • Foster innovative research that contributes to the improvement of pain management, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse disorders and the understanding of underlying causes of pain and addiction
  • Create an exceptional environment for learning about pain & addiction and establish the center as a national leader for education & training in addiction and pain management
  • Eliminate the stigma associated with mental health and addiction through outreach programs and public policy recommendations.

Who We Are

Physicians, researchers, faculty and staff are working together to build a comprehensive program to bring help and hope to Oklahomans with addiction.