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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Research Interests

faculty research

Holly Ballard, Ph.D.
Using large-sample osteohistology to assess growth dynamics, individual variability, and survivorship in dinosaurs and other extinct vertebrates, while utilizing the bone microstructure of extant vertebrates
to provide a framework for paleohistologic inferences.

Kathleen Curtis, Ph.D.
Estrogen effects on the central control of body fluid balance

J. Thomas Curtis, Ph.D.
Environmental influences in an animal model of autism

Franklin R. Champlin, Ph.D.
Cell envelope physiology and antibiotic resistance of gram-negative bacterial pathogens

Randall L. Davis, Ph.D.
Neuroinflammation in CNS disease and infection; and neuroimmune-opioid interactions

Paul Gignac, Ph.D.
Musculoskeletal and dental biomechanics, cranial evolution and paleobiology of feeding in crocodilians and theropod dinosaurs, and contrast-enhanced micro-CT imaging techniques.

Anil Kaul, M.D., D.D.S., M.P.H.
Translational research related to women's health and infectious diseases

Rashmi Kaul, Ph.D.
Hormonal Regulation of Inflammation during infections or cancer development

Gerwald Köhler, Ph.D.
Microbial pathogenesis, probiotics and gut microbiota in health and disease

William Meek, Ph.D.
Fine structure of flagellar movement; vimentin arrangement in mammalian cells.

Haley O'Brien, Ph.D.
Dr. O'Brien uses digital rendering techniques to study the function, physiology, development, and evolution of craniocervical systems. Her primary foci are neuroanatomy and cranial vascular anatomy. 

Joseph A. Price III, Ph.D.
Immunology, immunopathology, pathology

Charles Sanny, Ph.D.
Venom-antivenin interactions 

Al Rouch, Ph.D.
Sex differences in renal function and blood pressure

Kent Smith, Ph.D.
Evolution, systematics, biogeography, and functional and comparative anatomy of fossil and recent mammals

Dolores Vazquez-Sanroman, Ph.D.
Dr. Vazquez-Sanroman studies the neurobiology of opioid and psychostimulants addiction, cellular signal mechanisms of reward-related plasticity in an adolescent rodent model.

David R. Wallace, Ph.D.
Effects of environmental or disease toxins on brain functioning

Anne Weil, Ph.D.
Vertebrate paleontology (mammalian): evolution and recovery from mass extinction events

Nedra Wilson, Ph.D.
Identification of signaling pathways that regulate the assembly state of cilia/flagella

Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D.
Morgellons disease; roles of channels in heart, nervous system and cancer