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Oklahoma State University

Master of Athletic Training Curriculum

The Master of Athletic Training curriculum provides a comprehensive, multifaceted education coupled with a clinical foundation to prepare future health care professionals for a career in athletic training. Students learn to function as an integral member of a patient’s health care team.

  • 56 Credit Hours
  • On Campus and Clinical Training
  • 2 years to Completion

Key Areas of Proficiency

Our program instills critical thinking, problem solving, ethical reasoning abilities and interpersonal skills promoting lifelong learning and an enrichment in the quality of lives for individuals in diverse settings.

  • Injury and illness prevention and wellness protection
  • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
  • Immediate and emergency care
  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Organization and professional health and well-being

Course Sequence

Summer Year 1 Credit Hours  
MAT  5103 Emergency Management in Athletic Healthcare  
MAT 5183 Injury Prevention 3  
BIOM 5020 Clinical Anatomy for Allied Health 2  
Fall Year 1  Credit Hours  
MAT 5233 Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Lower Extremity 3  
MAT 5243 Therapeutic Exercise of the Lower Extremity 3  
MAT 5202 Athletic Training Practicum I 2  
MAT 5223 Therapeutic Modalities 3  
Spring Year 1 Credit Hours  
MAT 5313 Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of Non-Orthopedic Conditions 3  
MAT 5333 Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Upper Extremity 3  
MAT 5343 Therapeutic Exercise of the Upper Extremity 3  
MAT 5412 Radiography Evaluation and Assessment 2  
MAT 5302 Athletic Training Practicum II 2  
Summer Year 2 Credit Hours  
MAT 5483 Pathology and Pharmacology in Sports Medicine 3  
MAT 5573 Athletic Healthcare Administration 3  
MAT 5401 Athletic Training Practicum III 2  
Fall Year 2 Credit Hours  
MAT 5553 Research Methods in Athletic Healthcare 3  
MAT 5583 Psychosocial Strategies in Athletic Healthcare 3  
MAT 5443 Clinical Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Therapeutic Exercise of the Head and Spine 3  
MAT 5502 Athletic Training Practicum IV 2  
Spring Year 2 Credit Hours  
MAT 5602 Athletic Training Practicum V 2  
BIOM 5000 Research & Thesis 3  

Requirements for Degree Completion

  • 3.0 GPA
  • Successful completion of all coursework with a minimum of “B”
  • Pass all practical exams with a minimum of an 80 percent