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Oklahoma State University

2019 CME Spring Fling Conference

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The 33rd Annual CME Spring Fling Conference is planned for physicians with emphasis on providing information through demonstration and technique to develop a more accurate clinical diagnostic ability and understanding of various medical conditions and the most effective treatments. Participants will learn to foster a closer patient/physician relationship to improve outcomes.

The conference is approved for 17 AOA 1A CME credits. 

Weekend Schedule

Early Bird Registration ends on May 1, 2019.

Date and Location

Dates: May 10-11, 2019

Location: Downtown DoubleTree
616 West 7th Street
Tulsa, OK 74127

Additional Information 

Presentation Downloads

Session 1 - ACGME Update 2019
Session 2 - Healthcare 2019: An Overview of Industry Trends and Environmental Outlook
Session 3 - Changes in the Realm of Cardiology
Session 4 - Physician Well Being
Session 5 - Vertigo
Session 6 - Imagine if I Consult Where I Practice
Session 7 - Risk Management Trends in Malpractive and Litigation
Session 8 - Non Hormonal Therapy for Dyspareunia
Session 9 - Proper Prescribing Lecture Opioid Prescribing 2019
Session 10 - Diagnosing and Treating Office Workflow Issues
Session 11 - Anxiety and Depression in COPD 
Session 12 - Evaluation and Management of Hip Pain in the Primary Care Setting
Session 13 - Marijuana A Tale of Two Patients
Session 14 - The Future of Osteopathic Medicine
Session 15 - Orthopedic Considerations Associated with Triathlon Training
Session 16 - Advancing Medical Education The Obesity...
Session 17 - Pediatric OMT